lo & behold

by Nice Breeze

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released April 1, 2019

john howard - guitar, backing vocals, keys, bass, electronics, percussion, handclaps and footstomps
martha hamilton - drums, keys, handclaps and footstomps
andy fox - vocals

written and producted by nice breeze

recorded at many's basement, arlington, va


all rights reserved



Nice Breeze Washington, D.C.

abstract poet punks

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Track Name: so droll
Im going down to the fun part of town
tryin to figure out who else is around
Im on the corner with the Bevis Frond
We’re all on cell phones selling junk bonds

Im so up I'm feeling down
feel like smiling but can only frown
time is different when you respond
educated guessing phenomenon

I cant figure out that beautiful sound
Track Name: the first big weekend
I was staring at the world
and i almost died
i was riding my bike
and i was really high
i was talking with friends
and i stayed up all night
it was the first big weekend
of the summertime

I was killing some time
wading through the lies
i was laughing a lot
at the people crying
i was makin it up
but no one was buying
it was the first big weekend
of the summertime

i was drinking a beer
reminiscing my prime
i was rewriting the future
line by line
i was listening to records
and starting to smile
it was the first big weekend
of the summertime
Track Name: bureaucrat
She went to the cinema
To sleep the day away
Woke up in the Diary
Of a Country Priest

Stretched her legs and people died
Black and white is harrowing
Kids climb tress he said goodnight
She got up to leave

She is simple
She is stunning
She’s a bureaucrat
Track Name: poet friend
the book is full of eyelashes
its pages treated rough
smells like granddads Four Roses
a mist you cannot trust

the jukebox in the mountains
plays Irish folk songs
audiences of the future
will never sing along

you're a poet friend

there is paper with no writing
hands with too much sun
there are records in the bedroom
let’s go have some fun

you're a poet friend
Track Name: evil
deep in the evening
under flouresant lights
some people were evil
some people were not nice

art thrown up against the wall
all i see are people fighting
i need to get out of here
i want to be by the lake when its lightning
Track Name: actress
I never heard you speak until you cried
did you tell the truth or did you lie
you said you were just playing a game
you said you were an actress in the rain

here we are now in between
what was and what will be

I really am trying to understand
what it was you were doing with your hands
you said you were feeling no pain
you said you were an actress in the rain

here we are now in between
what was and what will be
Track Name: the spectacle is silent
the spectacle is silent
the workers are delighted
and everything that moves
is moving far away
and everything that grooves
grooves in a different way

the pace of the past
is something that lasts
whose side are you on
are you here for right or wrong

can you see the greed
Track Name: .com
He put a signed card in a closed bottle
he makes cigarettes stick to the wall
he says he’s worth 47 million dollars
but thats not all

he turns dollars into fire
he makes lines over one foot long
his door is always open
but it feels so wrong

he drives a leased ferrari
wear mink coats and prada suits
buys dirty ugly hookers
has he ever read a book?

he designs flouresant lights
coughs and coughs and coughs
does so much cocaine
i bet he cant get off

he lets couples use his bedroom
while we stands outside its door
its confusing sad and funny
these nights are what make lore
Track Name: you can't be serious
you cant be serious

dont be dismissing
uncovered liens
each day is different
everybodys missing something

you cant be serious
you're not that kind
ill let you in the door
if you'll only get out of my mind

sadness and whisky
cost more than friends
visiting prisons
just to see them again

you cant be serious
Track Name: shifting residential patterns
it was a thursday night
in the early morning
and no one else was laughing

she’s a single conversation
in a crowded room
shifting residential patterns

in times like these
i denounce the truth
it seems it doesn't even matter

she did a burlesque dance
for the audience
but all they did was chatter

she gazed at me
without curiosity
it was better than false banter

she said to me
ill just bleed
so the stars have something to shine in

we can do without pleasure
but not delight
some days are to get high in
Track Name: riff/song
I've heard about your problems
and the options they proceed
it feels like thursday in this playground
of lust and loss and greed

staple holes in centerfolds
the love lost in the mines
the rendition of the overture
masks everything unkind

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